Vocational education and trainning

There are still many obstacles in human resource training cooperation between enterprises and schools

According to the survey, about 46.2% of enterprises do not have a cooperation program with schools and vocational training institutions in Vietnam today.

Enterprises have not shared the path with vocational schools

Vocational training associated with businesses is a breakthrough solution. However, the number of businesses in parallel with vocational schools is not much, leading to enterprises "thirst" for labor, and students are still looking for jobs.

Preliminary Workshop on the Aus4Skill Program

On September 25, 2019, in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) attended the Preliminary Conference and Plan Consensus 2019-2020 Aus4Skill Program Project. This is an activity within the framework of the Memorandum of Cooperation between the General Department of Vocational Education (INGO) and the Australian and Vietnam Program for Human Resource Development (Aus4Skills).

Vietnam - Germany expanded vocational education cooperation

In order to promote cooperation in the field of vocational education (MOET) and human resource movement between Germany and Vietnam, from September 23 to September 27, 2019 the delegation of the Ministry of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs The association is headed by Minister Dao Ngoc Dung, who is visiting and working in Germany.

Nghe An - Vocational training associated with the needs of enterprises

Nghe An is the largest province in the country, every year, Nghe An has a large number of workers participating in the labor market, so the solutions to improve the quality of human resources for industrialization, Modernizing and improving labor productivity, restructuring labor, sustainable poverty reduction and international integration are regularly concerned, directed and achieved remarkable results by all levels, sectors and localities.

Quang Ngai: 100% support for primary training and less than 3 months

Labor in small and medium-sized enterprises in Quang Ngai province will be supported 100% of the cost of short-term vocational training. During the training period, employees are fully entitled to social insurance and health insurance regimes.

When schools and businesses look in the same direction as vocational education

In order to improve Vietnamese labor skills, Deputy Minister of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs, Mr. Le Quan said that linking business (enterprises) and vocational schools is a breakthrough. All solutions from improving the quality and promoting autonomy in vocational training are aimed at meeting the human resource requirements of enterprises. To do so, must have the participation of businesses.

Building a contingent of trainers at enterprises to improve the efficiency of vocational education.

Developing vocational training programs in enterprises is a very urgent issue today in the renovation and improvement of the quality of vocational education. However, how to effectively implement this work is a new issue.

Enterprise is the golden key for Vocational Education

Connecting vocational education with businesses is an important solution to improve the quality of training, helping graduates quickly integrate into the labor market.

Strengthening Vocational education connect Vietnam – Denmark

On December 11, 2019, in Yen Bai province, the Directorate of Vocational Education & Training (DVET) in collaboration with the Danish Embassy in Vietnam, the Ministry of Children and Education of Denmark organized Phase 2 of the Project on Vocational Education Development - Danish - Vietnamese Cooperation.

Vinh Phuc: Focusing on innovation to improve the quality of vocational education

Clearly defining the importance of highly skilled human resources training for the cause of socio-economic development. In recent years, Vinh Phuc province has made great efforts to innovate and improve. the quality of vocational training is based on the approach of regional and world levels, human resource training to meet the needs of the labor market.

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