Decent Work Country Programme Viet Nam 2022-2026: The future of work we create

This is the fourth Decent Work Country Programme between the ILO and tripartite constituents (the Government, the workers' and employers' organizations) to address the decent work challenges with an aim to assuring all Vietnamese women and men opportunities for work that is productive and delivers a fair income; security in the workplace and social protection for families; better prospects for personal development and social integration and freedom for people to express their concerns, organize and participate in decisions that affect their lives.

Regional study on green jobs policy readiness in ASEAN: Final report

The ILO and ASEAN, with the leadership of Malaysia, worked together to conduct a study to assess policy readiness for promoting green jobs and a just transition across AMS. In completing these assessments, the authors drew on responses to an extensive questionnaire completed by AMS countries between April and September 2020. Results from this questionnaire, along with other document analysis, were then used to develop country narratives and a summary assessment, which are presented in the report.