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8 Gold skills you need for Industry 4.0 to be Successful.

Doãn Giang Oct 10 2018 11:00AM GMT + 7

1.    Technical skills

Nowaday, with the boom of science and technology, machines are gradually replacing simple labor. You can see huge factories with only a few workers operating modern robots. Mechanics, engineering, electronics, telecommunications, science and technology are key sectors of the economy.  The assembly, operation, inspection, repair, maintenance, replacement all need skilled workers with good workmanship, knowledgeable machinery. Therefore, this is the good environment for people who are passionate about technology, technology.


2.    Programming skills, computer skills

People will use digital money instead of paper money (Bitcoin, Crypto, etc.). However, it is a guess for the currency trend of the future. But this confirms that the skills related to computers, technology, and programming will become important demand of social. Understanding the power of computer and programming will increase your career opportunities.


3.    Foreign language skills

With the globalization, the need to find workers with increased language skills, especially Vietnam signed the new free trade agreement. When you are a master one or more languages, it is a good stepping for expanding your career and promotion.


4.    Creative skills

The world is adopting a series of high technologies for agriculture, industry, engineering, technology,... Employees must also be creative to keep up with the pace of development of the world. Workers should learn to create constantly. This will help us to be effective in our work.


5.     Teamwork skills

Japan is a country that is highly regarded by the whole world for its ability to work effectively. Teamwork skills are important, especially when the working environment is cross-cultural, mixed between regions and territories.


6.    Customer Satisfaction Skills

In today's technology era, shoppers are not even going to the store to still be shopping through mobile devices, computers, ... Online shopping has never been so easy and simple and never really fierce competition. In order to adapt to the changing market conditions, workers need to equip themselves with the skills they need to satisfy their customers: good knowledge of the product, communication skills with customers, customer care skills after purchasing products, connection skills, maintaining relationships with customers, ...


7.     Problem Solving Skills

Each sector, field, or industry generated unexpected situations in the course of work. Those who have the ability to analyze, evaluate situations, solve problems will be the top priority for the boss to elevate positions. Every industry and field will have unexpected situations occurring during the work. People have the ability to analyze, evaluate situations, solve problems will be the top priority for the boss to elevate positions.


8.     Information management skills

Nowadays, with the rapid development era of information technology, the information is money. People who possess the ability to manage information play an important role in the business. Holds an important position in the business. Skills in database management, advanced information management skills are the sectors that need high talent.

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