New Resolution of the Government, calling for joint hands of the Business community with VET

On 4/6/2019, the Government has just issued Resolution No. 35 / NQ - CP on strengthening mobilization of social resources for investment in education and training development in 2019-2025. Businesses join hands to improve education and training in general and vocational education & training (VET) in particular.

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Diageo Vietnam cooperates with vocational colleges to improve students' professional skills

In order to bring sustainable development solutions to the community where the company operates, Diageo Vietnam Company organizes a training course to improve the tourism profession for 120 students at Ninh Thuan Vocational College.

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Business handshake with Universities - Vision for the Future

Currently, in developed countries such as Australia, USA, UK, Canada, ... large enterprises such as Ciso, Safesforce, Google or Digital Academy, ... can give opinions directly affecting the training program of universities. Because of the revolution, Technology 4.0 has developed rapidly, requiring urgent changes from the university training programs to produce high quality human resources.

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