Vocational education and trainning

Elimination of the distance between vocational education & training and the actual needs of enterprise logistics sector

In the morning of May 16, Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ho Chi Minh City (VCCI HCM) and Vietnam Logistics Association (VLA) organized the forum "Development of Logistics Human Resources in Vietnam".

Vietnam - Korea promotes vocational education & training skills cooperation

Recently, the Directorate of Vocational Education & Training (DVET) and Human Resources Development Korea (HRD Korea) jointly organized “ Workshop on Cooperation and Exchange in skills development”. The conference aims to further promote bilateral cooperation between Vietnam and Korea in general and international cooperation between the General Department of Vocational Education and the Human Resources Development Agency - HRD Korea on human resource development. industrial case.

Conference on Linking vocational education & training with enterprises 2019 - Opportunities for enterprises

The Department of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs in collaboration with other units and localities organized the Conference "Linking vocational education & training with the labor market in 2019".

Create a playground for enterprises when participating VET system

"The draft amendments to the Labor Law required additional regulations to allow businesses to participate more deeply in the process of training intermediate and colleges. Besides, the establishment of a model of Vocational Skills Council should be done soon in order to link the market and vocational education ”.

Enterprises participating in vocational training - Many obstacles

Linking enterprises with vocational education institutions is the focus in improving the quality of vocational training. However, on both legal and practical basis, enterprises and vocational training institutions still face many difficulties and obstacles when coordinating with each other.

Linking vocational education & training with the needs of enterprises to create jobs for workers

In December 2016, the network of vocational education institutions has been available all over the country with 1,948 vocational education institutions, including 397 colleges, 519 intermediate schools and 1,032 vocational education centers. Career. The system of educational institutions create favorable opportunities for those with aspirations and demands for vocational training, on the other hand, to provide a large number of quality human resources for the economy.

It is necessary to have policies to support training staff at enterprises

Connecting vocational education institution with enterprises is one of the important orientations of the Government in 2019. Vocational eduaction and training associated with businesses will bring great breakthroughs for businesses.

The workshop "Enterprise and school cooperation in training and recruitment"

On March 28, 2019, in Da Nang, Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry VCCI Da Nang branch, Directorate of Vocational Education & Training and partner agencies organized the workshop "Enterprise and school cooperation in training and recruitment".

Dong Nai Province : Enterprises participate in vocational training with the school

Following the success of Germany's dual vocational training model, many enterprises in Dong Nai participated in "double" vocational training and brought many positive results.

Enterprises join and contribute to vocational training to create a revolution for VET

According to the report of the Directorate of Vocational Education & Training (DVET), in 2018, schools in the enrollment system are more than 2.2 million people, reaching more than 100% of the set plan. Besides, businesses face many difficulties when recruiting trained personnel. Enterprises joining hands to contribute to vocational training will create a revolution for the human resource market in Vietnam.

Combining schools and businesses - Great opportunities for apprentices in Vietnam

Close cooperation between schools and businesses opens up great career opportunities for learners and at the same time builds a high-quality, solid-minded and well-trained staff.

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