Labor practices have a social responsibility open the direction of sustainable development for businesses in Vietnam

Doãn Giang June 25 2018 12:00AM GMT + 7

Dr. Vu Tien Loc – Director of VCCI

"The project creates more and better jobs through the practice of commune responsibility in Electronics in Vietnam is the soul of the value string of responsibility. Expanding the alliance for other professions, enlarging the labour supply alliance. Responsibility is the core to impulse high quality labour in Vietnam." That is the statement of Dr. Vu Tien Loc – Director of VCCI at the serminar “Strengthening home-host country policy dialogue to maximize the decent work impact of the FDI/MNEs in Vietnam" was held on 15/6/2018 in Hanoi.

The success of the project is a model for the export sector

Mr. Dr.  Chang - Hee Lee, Director International Labor Organization (ILO) in Viet Nam imphasized: "I am very pleased to promote the activities of the coalitionist through direct dialogue with the participation of FDI enterprises. In the side of the ILO is very proud to participate in this activity. The target of the project is to build and establishment of the union to promote the labor practices of the responsibilities industry and beyond. There are still some challenges in quality and quantity work, labor policies, social norms. "


Mr. Dr. Chang - Hee Lee, Director International Labor Organization (ILO)

in Viet Nam

Mr. Chang - Hee Lee also said in the domain of electronic operations electronic business coalitionist should have close involvement of the three parties, that is the reason should be paralleled not only adopt individual operations. The dialogue activities between the home and host country, working closely with the business to improve the competitiveness. Association seminar is the last activity in the project, the project step into a new chapter with the target of promoting further facilitations between nations and suppliers workers. The results of the project are modeled to we are expanding our business to other sectors such as seafood processing transformers, garment ... ILO will impulse other sectors of footwear, electronics, garment, ... to ensure that all export sectors comply with labor standards motivates and promotes social responsibility


 Challenges for FDI in CRS implementation in Vietnam


Ms. Githa Roelans - Head of Department of Multinational Enterprises and Associates ILO Geneva Business


At the seminar, Ms. Githa Roelans - Head of Department of Multinational Enterprises and business links ILO Geneva said, there are difficulties when persuade FDI to countries like Vietnam. Ms. Githa Roelans emphasized to  promote the three-way relationship to impulse the labor relationship sustainability. In particular, the implementation of the tripartite statement is the responsibility of government as well as business should have direct dialogues between home and host country investment on issues related to public transfer to implement the national GDP targets. Get the support of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Vietnam VCCI, more and more businesses enterprises join the coalition of Vietnam e-business is willing to share promoting social responsibility through a competitive business environment equality is willing to improve the working environment, improve the lives of the workers motion.


The challenge spread out opportunities for export industries


Overview at the seminar


According to Ms.  Githa Roelans, Project More and Better Job through Socially Responsible Labour Practices in Viet Nam has a very wide range of regulations

CRS to hit the mark sustainable growth for its partners, boosting trade accompanied by social responsibility. This is a big challenge for FDI when to Vietnam. However, this is also the opportunity to expand the opportunity with plus Japanese co-entrepreneurs increased their participation in the coalition Electronic Business in Vietnam. The project is the first step in the policy A dialogue to promote social responsibility extends to upcoming projects at Vietnam


The seminar will contribute to the opening of a new symbiosis of mutual benefit  between businesses large FDI and domestic business community, business community small and medium Vietnam, postering  social responsibility, making sustainable jobs in Vietnam electronic industry of Vietnam. Particularly towards to take shape electronic supply chain in Vietnam is associated with the supply chain of electronics responsible gender.

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