Training on the role of social responsibility practices in the competitiveness of electronic businesses in the context of integration

Doãn Giang May 11 2018 12:00AM GMT + 7

Electronic industry is one of the industries with the highest level of global integration and poses many challenges in terms of social responsibility in labour.

The Bureau for Employers’ Activities (BEA) co-operated with International Labour Organization (ILO) in Vietnam organize training program about Promoting social responsibility in electronic enterprises on May 11 at Bac Ninh Industrial Park, aiming to introduce social responsibility in requirements and regulations on social responsibility in labour.

In order to increase efficiency, multinational companies hire companies in developing countries to outsource in less important part, which forms the value chain. These value chains are important for every nation because of their potential growth and creating jobs. These value chains are composed of different types of enterprises in asymmetric power relationships. Additionally, the leading companies (usually from developed countries) occupy a dominant position and have more power than other companies in the chain as organization and structure of enterprises.

The centralization of functions and economic processes in certain regions through vertical specialization has led to significant increases in competition. In particular, the level of competition for Vietnamese enterprises to participate in the global supply chain is becoming more and more powerful; leading to a number of electronic enterprises will have cost-cutting measures, which will affect working conditions, reputation of enterprises as well as their ability business operations.

Therefore, it is necessary to practice social responsibility in effective labour in order to reduce reputation risk, form the core business practice in sustainable and professional way.

Particularly, Ms. Tong Thi Minh, Director General of Department of Industrial Relations and Wage updated and shared important content on wages, overtime, and increased problem, etc., which are very prominent issues that attracted the interest of the majority of electronics companies today.

The training provided participants with a better understanding of the importance of social responsibility practices in the electronics industry. The Training course set the premise for Electronic Business Coalition in Vietnam.

Giang Doan