Operational planning and project coordination ILO NIRF - VCCI

Doãn Giang April 4 2018 12:00AM GMT + 7

April 3-4, 2018, in Hanoi, Bureau for Employers' Activities (BEA) in collaboration with the International Labor Organization of Vietnam held a workshop on Strategic planning and Project coordination ILO NIRF - VCCI.

The workshop will consist of seven main sessions devoted to topics of strategic planning and project coordination. The main objectives of the workshop were to: Overview of Labor Relations to build a community of productive, socially responsible employers and social dialogue in place. work better; Enhance the advocacy role of law reform and policy of the employer representative organization Training on social dialogue at the workplace; Improve the quality of VCCI's services for its members, A number of initiatives to increase the involvement of the employer network, and good practices in industrial relations at the workplace Co-operation pilots two-thirds / bilateral social dialogue and pilot collective bargaining; Adopt a detailed Action Plan for the 2018 project and a preliminary plan for 2019 with a coordinated mechanism.

According to Ms. Tran Thi Lan Anh, Deputy general secretary of VCCI , the director General of BEA, enterprises need to prepare for big changes in the labor market Employers need to identify four stages of action before the change in the Labor Code: Negotiations on the Labor Code, Prepare the employer's organization for changes, prepare the employer for changes, and implement the revised Labor Code.

Mr. Yoon Youngmo, ILO Senior Labor Relations expert, said employers now face challenges from inside and outside, to illustrate investment institutions (investors, banks, ); market organization (buyers, distributors, competitors); regulatory environment, production organization (technology, production systems, production methods, workers, subcontractors and suppliers).

Sharing the same view with Mr. Yoon Youngmo, Ms. Vi Thi Hong Minh - Deputy Director of BEA also expressed the important role of employers in the process of negotiating the regional minimum wage in the Council national salary.

ILO NIRF - VCCI Strategic Planning and Operations Planning Workshop contributes to building a productive, Social responsibility and social dialogue in the workplace are better, promoting social dialogue in the workplace, helping employers to practice good in industrial relations at work.

                                                                                                                                             Doan Giang